ThruChip Communications has developed a revolutionary approach for
wireless near-field die-to-die data communication for 3D chip stacking

  • The ThruChip Interface (TCI) offers our customers a wireless approach for data communications between stacked die.
  • Signals can go through multiple stacked die using near-field inductive coupling by placing small coils on each die.
  • TCI coils are made from standard metal wires, no special semiconductor process is required.
  • Die can be thinned to well under 50 microns, then stacked vertically, with just a few microns of glue between each die.
  • No need to drill holes in your die with a costly Thru Silicon Via (TSV) approach that is invasivie to your layout.
  • TCI provides a simpler, lower-height, lower-cost, higher-bandwidth, and lower-power solution than Thru-Silicon Vias.
  • Mix and match die made by different vendors, even different technology nodes, using standard CMOS processing.
  • ThruChip provides a clever engineering solution for chip stacking, far simpler and less costly than other approaches.



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