Technology Development

The ThruChip Interface has gone through signifcant testing with real silicon:

  • The ThruChip Interface has been verified by many chips and systems (total: 27)
  • It is available for product development with a several hundred page design guide and CAD support
  • Uses of the technology is covered by patents, both granted and pending.

Design Example: Key features in the area of NAND stacking:

  • Delay: 7x 2-input NAND Fanout-4 (vs. TSV: 40x 2NAND-F04)
  • Throughput: > over 30Gb/s/ch (TSV : 1Gb/s/ch)
  • Area of Tx/Rx: 36x size of 2NAND (coil size:300umx300um)
  • Can be manufactured by any standard CMOS process
  • Low Energy consumption: less than 100x 2NAND

System Demo